Creatively different forms of Monster Art

Mankind has always enjoyed art, the oldest ones being the paintings on the walls in caves where even though the language was not as developed and advanced as compared to today, people communicated with art.

Art in everyday language can mean lots of things, painting on canvas can qualify as art, so does dance, music, songs, etc. But the oldest one would have to be paintings and henceforth the word art would refer to paintings.

Canvas of Life

People have always been baffled by the amazing artwork that artist like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, M.F Hussain and many more have been able to accomplish. In modern times, art has evolved moving more from people and sceneries to a contemporary form; a recent one would probably involve monster art.

Alternate dimension

If you ask any artist about the basics of monster art, he would probably tell you to think alternatively or think about how the world would be if people showed their true self, or any other thing which will probably not make any sense.

Monster art has grown in the past couple of year, and one can probably trace its origins in Japan, where the Japanese comics or Manga as commonly known have incorporated monsters and otherworldly beings.

The monster art soon grew with the rise of video games and the further evolution of gaming consoles and play stations.

Fan Following of monster art

The Basics of monster art has also created an increase in fan following all over the world, here are the basic classifications about the monsters and their design

1. The sorry ones: These are generally such monsters that you end up feeling sorry for, typically depicted as those tormented souls that end up because of some terrible thing they did in their human life because of some greed or necessity.

2. The scary ones: These monsters mean business; they are here for one thing and one thing only and i.e. to scare the pants off you

3. The pure evil ones: These are next to Satan himself or somewhere from the ranks of Satan’s army.

4. The cute & Funny ones: These guys are my favorites, they show us that the world is actually not what it seems like, and the monsters are clearly misunderstood bunch. The perfect example for them would be the monsters from the movie monsters inc, where it is practically impossible to hate them.


We can thus conclude that monsters are just a part of your imagination and can range from really horrifying ones to the cute and cuddly ones. It all depends on what your main target is and what are you trying to show to the world. It is that humans deep down with hate and despair and there is no hope in saving their sole or is it that deep down we all have a child who’s just buried within the tensions and problems of the daily human life.

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