Going Custom Crazy With The Custom Feel Demand Of USA Automobiles

Since the beginning, man has tried todistinguish himself from others; he always wanted to be unique, standing out of the crowd and so wasinvented Fashion on the more physical aspect and education on a more physiological level.

As man invented machines that acted as modes of transportation like cars and planes, he also started customizing the same.

When Henry Ford launched the famous model T car, he said that I can provide any color the customer wants as long as it is Black.

As soon as that line was said, people started customizing the model T’s; they experimented with colors and minor changes to the basic shapes.

The Crazeof people

I guess the demand for custom automobiles in USA, began with the rise inthe automobile industry. With American choppers or motorbikes and a robust automobile industry that rose and rose along with the middle class Americans, people started experimenting with their rides. New shades, modifications, add on systems everything was tried to distinguish their ride from the crowd.

I guess the real craze truly spread when Hollywood joined in, with the movies featuring high speed, nitrous burning, and direct fuel injecting rides people quickly caught up with it.

Maintaining the law

With Hollywood showing off the hot rides, people quickly turned to the next thing that was associated with custom rides, Street racing. Though speed racing is prominent in America, of course on legal race tracks, the illegal bit of thehit also caught hold. With the Fast & Furious franchise showing off the street racing in almost all of its movies, people too started street racing, and it became a problem for the law to maintain the speed peace on the streets. So, the law did what seems to be a textbook example of the phrase “If you can’t beat them, Jointhem”. Yes, in many states of USA the police department have modified their standard issue cars to custom high speed once, and they also regularly race with the kids with high speed cars, but it’s not like what you think. The police organizes such races legally, and the sole point is, that the cops have fast cars too, so don’t try to outrun us, now how cool is that?

The Auto Show’s

The demand for custom automobiles in USA has also led to a rise in one particular kind of event, and those are auto shows, these shows range from 2 wheeler show’s to 18 wheeler shows. That’s right the IOWA 99 truck show is the biggest in the USA where 100’s of truckers from all over the country to show off their 18 wheeler heavy hauler trucks. The trucksare given custom paint job and even custom interiors. It showcases the creativity and the imagination power of truckers, all in all,its one amazing event.


With the show factor and the glam and limelight associated with custom rides, and the fact that Hollywood and the daily reality shows that are dedicated to the customization of rides as per the requests, personalities and the imagination of artists the customization industry has truly taken off and it has proven to be a great canvas for people to show off their creativity and off course the deep pockets one has.

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