Surf Sand Music, is this Paradise?

Human beings are capable of achieving spectacular things, and the credit for that can be given to his thirst for adventure and a why not attitude. It’s probably the same adventure that led us to define things. The evolution thought that its best and we humans didn’t do it, like flying – we developed plans riding the winds – we developed hot air balloons, for walking on water – we built ships, and for riding the waves we created the awesome sport of surfing.

Surfing is believed to have existed since humans began to learn swimming, body surfing has existed since a long time and the most recent innovation of standing on a board know as surf board can be traced back to the Hawaii islands of America.

Surf + Music

Human love to mix things up, probably the reason behind creation of the sandwich but this topic is not about food (though I wish it to be) it’s about music. When the surfing culture sprouted in the human narration in the early on 20th century, it was mostly all about surfing the big waves, later on things started to get a bit more interesting, the culture grew with more people, language, fashion and lifestyle with all these things included, how can someone forget about music. And that’s when music and surfing came together and we begin with the History of Surf music in the USA.

The society was at its highest point in the 1950’s & 60’s, and it had a strong hold in Hawaii, the American state of California and Australia the distant long lost cousins of Americans.

The legends

Though surfing was restricted geographically, the music culture it produced was not. The southern California is mainly attached to surf music, and if you are a follower of rock melody, you have to thank surf music for that as it can be called as the father of rock music.

Surf music evolved into two major forms

1. Instrumental surf rock,

2. Vocal surf pop

Dick Dale and Del- Tones can be given the credit of popularizing the instrumental surf rock genre.

The orange county of southern California saw a boom in rock bands that performed surf rock music in the late 1960 – 1966.

Throughout the History of surf music in the USA, numerous bands came and performed but they all had one thing in common, they all had a dedicated song to surfing and many of them managed to get their song in the Americas top 100 list. Leading the way were “The Beach Boys” and “The Chantays” with their songs titled “Surfin” and “Pipeline” respectively they managed to win the hearts of people and popularize the now world famous sport with a dash of music.

Decline and the fight back

The mid 1960’s saw a decline in surf music and garage rock, folk rock, blues- rock and other rock form took up its place. And not to mention when the Beatles came knocking, even the last light seemed that ever dimmer.

Nevertheless even if you are thinking like you have not heard surf rock, think again. The revival of the surf music began when the soundtrack of the famous James bond movie Dr. came out and it was not included a surf rock style guitar use, which meant that it will be used in subsequent bond movies and have also been adopted in other spy movies.

We can safely conclude that Surf music has been revived and as per the title Surf Sand and Music it is defiantly a piece of heaven for me.

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